What We Offer

ASH Consulting is a firm of Certified Chartered Accountants with a worldwide objective of rendering specialized services in the domain of:

  1. Auditing
  2. Accounting
  3. Finance
  4. Taxation
  5. Human resource (HR) solutions
  6. Legal practices
  7. Information Technology (IT) solutions

Management practices, in all the sections of the economy with adherence to the highest standards of professional practices.

Investing in our experts on a continuous basis in order to be proactive to the rapid changes in information technology (IT), industrial innovations, complex nature of legislations, the challenging market place, so as to ensure that business organizations rely on:

  1. AUDITING as a true instrument for the measurement of corporate performance and statutory compliance;
  2. ACCOUNTING as an accurate instrument of tracking business transactions;
  3. CORPORATE FINANCE as the compass for business managers;
  4. TAXATION as the guide for corporate responsibilities;
  5. ASH consulting as the companion for business profitability, stable growth, and expansion.



we aimed at achieving remarkable success in positioning our related entities on the National and Global markets. Our unique challenge remains vulgarising our various entities to be seen as a true weapon for nation-building. Fabrice ENOW ASHU



The Central and French West Africa, including Nigeria as well as the Republic Democratic of Congo constitute our Priority Market and our target is focused on the four strata of their economies; specifically:

  1. The diversified private sector
  2. Diplomatic Missions including Non-Governmental  Organizations (NGOs)
  3. Donors funded Projects
  4. The Governments; Federal, state and local.

The indigenous character and home-grown expertise of our Firm has played a pivotal role in remodeling our core service to suit the various market’s needs, cumulating in the panoply of professional specialties found underneath:

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